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160101-001Wishing everyone a fantastic start to year 2016, just like the fantastic fireworks at Sydney!


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151215-003For the 7th birthday of Facet Studio, we have visited an important building for us – Centre Culturel Tjibaou at Noumea, New Caledonia.


Designed by Renzo Piano, it is one of my favourite building, and is the building which has changed Yoshi’s life – changing from majoring in Marketing to Architecture for his Master degree.

151215-002 The 10 “Cases” housing the main functions of the Centre are reflective of the characteristic pines of New Caledonia. Timber screens spaced to create natural ventilation, working with the trade winds of the island.


Walking through the building, one can sense the constant air movement. One weaves between indoor and outdoor, feeling the natural elements whilst being protected from them.

151215-001It was at first difficult to find the building within the landscape.. but that was the beauty intended by the design.


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150808We attended our staff JJ’s wedding on August 8th. It was held at Royal Botanic Garden, beautiful winter day.


JJ has been with us for quite a few years now since he graduated from UNSW. Seeing his growth since then, alongside with our own growth, has been a very rewarding experience; and we have grown into a strong team.


We wish JJ all the best, and look forward to creating more great architecture together.


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Facet Studio has a new website!
We have made it easier to navigate, with better / bigger images, more helpful to our work, and moved the blog in together so you only need to visit one place.
We hope you like our new look on the internet – enjoy!



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150526-01It was the first time Sydney DOSHISHA team has gathered on site.

We stood surrounded by our creation, at Kyoto Japan, each from a different part of the world.. (left to right) Yoshi from Osaka Japan, Olivia from Taipei Taiwan, Maki from Tokyo Japan, JJ from Guangdong China. A piece of us are forever part of the history of Doshisha University, the 140-year-old university which played a vital role in Japan’s modernisation; our creation will live on for 100, 200 years, beyond our mortal lives.

There are times we feel defeated, and frustrated.  But what is that in the scale of mortality and history?