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170215_001We have received a pleasant little surprise – it is a parcel from Thailand.

Since we have moved office, it has taken a slight detour with the post office, and finally arrived at our new office.


Thank you Phin (who worked with us in 2012) for always thinking of us, we miss you too.


Phin was involved in:





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2016_17_e cardWe have relocated over the Christmas / New Year holiday!


Facet Studio is now operating from the new location with new phone number, please kindly update your contact information.


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160812-001Are you curious about how people would live in the future?

We have just returned from HOUSE VISION 2016 exhibition at Tokyo.

It was an interesting collaboration between industries and architects, to understand and the movement and envision how people would live in the not-so-far future.


The exhibition is on between JUL 30 ~ AUG 28 2016; if you happen to be in Tokyo, it is worth a visit for sure!

More information on official website HERE.


Entry design by Kuma Kengo

160812-002General exhibition – designs by (left to right) Kuma Kengo, Ban Shigeru, Sou Fujimoto, Makoto Tanijiri can be seen in backgrond

160812-003Design by Ban Shigeru x LIXIL

160812-004Design by Atelier Bow-Wow x MUJI


Design by Yuko Nagayama x Panasonic

160812-006Design by Go Hasegawa x AGF

160812-007Design by Kengo Kuma x Seijun Nishihata x Sumitomo Forestry


160812-008Design by Nippon Design Centre x Hara Design Institute x TOPPAN Printing


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160506_001I have had the unique opportunity to deliver a lecture at Kaohsiung Taiwan, organised by Kaohsiung Architects Association and The Real Estate Development Association of Kaohsiung.


Taiwan is facing a lot of challenges – environmentally, politically, educationally.. to name a few – like all countries in its maturing process.


Being a Taiwanese, to be able to contribute the philosophy and thinking behind our design to the fellow building industry professionals in Taiwan, was something I have always had on my mind.


I sincerely hope this is the beginning of a long term collaboration!


During the lecture.


In the process of preparing for this 90 mins lecture, we have revised our approach and have come to new realisations of our thinking, which is something precious for us.


Receiving the gratitude flag from President of Kaohsiung Architects Association.


With President of Kaohsiung Architects Association and representatives from The Real Estate Development Association of Kaohsiung.


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160324-001For the ones in the know, this is one precious bottle of Shochu…


Because this is limited production, people have to register their interest to purchase first, then the Shochu maker draws the lucky winner who would be eligible to purchase.

The unlucky ones have to purchase from auctions at around 10 times the original price…. Seems like the luck is still on our side!


…Went down smoothly indeed.

160324-002…Coupling with nice snacks from Kyoto, even better!


Happy Easter!