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170131_0001After the passing storm, sun came out and we proceeded with photoshoot of PINNACLE as planned.

Crazy summer weather.


Thanks TOM FERGUSON and we look forward to the photos.


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160916_0001Because the view outside is so massive, TO INVITE IT IN requires equally massive purge, to allow for the space to appreciate the view.


After 6 months of design work, discussion with client…. we have finally commenced demolition (of almost everything) at Pinnacle.

160916_0003….It was massive….


Thanks to our extremely understanding client, as it was a radical decision to remove the bedroom (so it is now technically a “studio apartment” rather than “1 bedroom”).

160916_0002But the real meaning of being here, at this location, is really all about the view.


We believe, to enhance the appreciation of the view, is to enhance the value of this location, which is to enhance the value to the client.


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160715-001To create emptiness for PINNACLE is all good on paper… until when someone needs to cook and bath and sleep in the space.


Emptiness is essential, so are the everyday activities.

160715-002We have thus designed all the functions within the thickness of the building envelope.


All functions are part of the building, and can be packed away when not in use.


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160517_000The first impression of the PINNACLE site was a tunnel with fabulous view on the other side of the tunnel.


We need to take out the “tunnel” and enhance the “fabulous view” through design – how?


This is what we had to work with….


The Sydney Harbour Bridge was broken up in sections.

160517_001This is what we are proposing… Getting rid of the bedroom! but for a good reason.


The client resides overseas in one of the most densely populated city in the world.


When the client comes to Sydney, we wanted to welcome her every time with the most Sydney-est icon, and most importantly, an “emptiness”.


A place which is clutter-free, a pure space to reset one’s self.


Isn’t that the ultimate luxury?


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160229_0001Seeing this site for the first time was quite impressive.

There was a sense of intense closeness to the Sydney iconic Harbour Bridge…


BUT! you can only feel that on the balcony.

160229_0002Being an older (albeit prestigious) apartment, the internal layout was rather restrictive.

How can we work with this?