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170118-0003We have been published in ARCHITECTURAL RECORD in US!

This was the DESIGN VANGUARD 2016 issue, which features the practices selected from all over the world.


Projects covered are:

FACET STUDIO (practice)






170118-0002Yesterday we received our copies of Architectural Record in post.

It arrived in our Sydney office from New York over night …. it really is Extremely Urgent!


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111108We have received our contributor’s complimentary copy of “Sublime – New Design and Architecture from Japan”.


Here is an extract of the book description:

Sublime is a comprehensive collection of current Japanese architecture, interiors, and products that showcases and explores the country’s uniquely elegant design aesthetic.

… Featuring visionary work by established names such as Tokujin Yoshioka, Kengo Kuma, and Toyo Ito, Sublime also introduces talent from a new generation that has found its own inspiring design style between a traditional Japanese approach and contemporary influences.


It is our first appearance in a book.

I must admit, it is extremely humbling to be included in a publication amongst so many excellent designs.


“Sublime – New Design and Architecture from Japan” is published by Gestalten, Berlin, available from Amazon.com.


In order of photo:

1. cover

2. Habitat Antique

3. Tea Room


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111101Facet Studio is involved in the After Images, an exhibition and auction of sketches primarily by Australian architects of Japan, in support of the Tohoku region’s recovery from the devastating earthquakes and tsunami of March this year.


The exhibition is until 12 November at Boutwell Draper Gallery, 82-84 George Street, Redfern.


In order of photo:

1. Our works on exhibition (clockwise from top left): M House interior, M House exterior, Tea Room, Habitat Antique.

2. Exhibition Catalogue on sale for $15 donation

3. A buzzing atmosphere and great involvement at the exhibition opening night


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110827Here comes our complementary copies of Hinge magazine, all the way from Hong Kong, covering our projects Water MoonHabitat AntiquePhamish, and S House.


I liked the short description Hinge poised to introduce our practise;

…Growing in recognition, the duo (Olivia Shih and Yoshihito Kashiwagi) is poised to break into the relative ‘medium-time’ [someday bigtime...] … Their work is clean and quietly imaginative, avoiding histrionics and not afraid of proposing practical, cost-efficient solutions to a client’s brief.  Nothing wrong with simplicity….

Although I would not necessarily say that we intentionally avoid histrionics; the simplicity in our works is more so a reflection of our perspective on space and architecture.


Maybe it is more appropriate to say that we avoid creating spaces that could be “consumed”?

We aim for a beauty in the simplicity, which could be embedded in the materiality, the logic, the construction, and/ or the philosophy.

The physical space is the outcome of series of decisions we repeatedly examined throughout the design process, in order to reassure that we have not deviated from what we set out to do for each project.


There are times that we were distracted and lost… but then I always remembered that when we set up Facet Studio, we told ourselves that we will be creating meaningful design; when there is meaning behind our design, there is beauty in what we do.


In order of photo:

1. parcel from Hong Kong!

2. Water Moon to the left, Habitat Antique to the right

3. Phamish to the left, S House to the right

4. Friday afternoon tea thanks to Soo Jin, who will be heading back to UK to complete her study shortly