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161215_0001Our project WU-GU has been published on Chinese online magazine Gooood.hk.


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151010_000WU-GU has launched their cookbook, just in time for Christmas (presents, anyone?). The book launch party was held on Oct 10th, the Taiwan National Day.


Great food, good people, lovely space – I wonder who designed it..


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150622_001WU-GU was photographed on a fine Monday afternoon after a week of incessant rain. This time we are working with photographer TOM FERGUSON. Very happy with the photos, period. 


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150301Bonus of working on designs for restaurants – delicious ones especially – is exposure where we do not normally get as architects.


WU-GU was featured on Daily Telegraph on Sunday (for their delicious food), with interesting description of the space:


...the fitout is Chinese tea house gone high-rise …. not a fussy space…


We are never into the “fussy” kind of design so it is not to my surprise, but the tea house (and culture specific) is quite an interesting association which I do not dislike.  It is one which is quiet, serene, almost meditative, but with sweet smell in the air and warmth to the touch of fingertips.


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100 DAYS OF 五穀 WU-GU

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150218We have obtained Occupational Certificate for WU-GU on the 100th day from the start of construction.


It was opened to family and friends on FEB 15, one fine Sunday afternoon.


Soft opening to public was on FEB 17 evening.


Despite the obstacles, the space was filled with a crisp joy.

It was one of those moments – the “never been happier for not giving up” moment.


Here are some photos from Sunday FEB 15.

(photo: Eugene Wu)